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We have a selection of Irish Euro presentation packs for sale. We also have a large stock of Older Irish coins available.

All prices are in Euro and are subject to change without notice

Euro Coins from Ireland

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EUO 1. 2002 Ireland Starter Pack as issued to citizens to familiarise them with the Euro currency. € 16.50

EUO 2. 2002 Ireland Euro sets in uncirculated condition per set. Euro € 9.50

EUO 3. 2002 Ireland Euro set in perspex presentation case with complete set in uncirculated condition mounted on blue cardboard. €25

EUO 4. 2003 Ireland Euro set in Central Bank Presentation Pack sold out in first two days. €60.00

SOL 1. Ireland Special Olympics Euro 5 coin (25000) uncirculated in special folder. €27.50

SOL 2. Ireland Special Olympics Euro 10 coin (30,000) uncirculated in special presentation box. €60.00

SOL 3. Ireland 2003 Euro set plus Special Olympics 5 coin (35000) uncirculated in special folder. € 60.00

For those who are looking for wholesale quantities or complete sacks of uncirculated Irish coins

BEO 1. 2002 Ireland Euro Coinage 2000 sets of 1 cent, 2 cent and 5 cent values all superb uncirculated. €650

BEO 2. 2002 Ireland Euro Coinage sealed Central Bank sack of 500 Euro 1.00 coins all uncirculated. €700

BEO 3. 2003 Ireland 2 cent coin Central Bank sealed sack of 2000 superb uncirculated. €200